Mon – Sat: 08:30-23:00
Sunday: 08:30-23:00


An old, traditional patisserie with aromas and recipes from the East. A welcoming space inspired by times past – those precious carefree days that we all reminisce. At Melirriton, patrons can enjoy handmade quality sweets, created with recipes using the purest ingredients, coupled with the quality and service they deserve. In the Melirriton workshop, oriental syrupy sweets are made the traditional way, always true to the quality and flavours of Oriental sweets, guided by the knowledge of time-tested recipes, which evoke sweet memories. Customers can also enjoy hot pies including cheese pies, spinach pies and Bougatsa, washed down with a hot cappuccino or fresh juice, or a cup of fine tea. Upon departure, guests can grab a sweet treat perfect for that ultimate home indulgence – be that a chocolate or walnut pie, ekmek, or any other delectable delight.